I write. I draw. I parent.  I do none of these particularly well – as yet. I hope to get better.

I started this blog over a month ago, to chronicle my misadventures in writing and drawing  but rather typically, haven’t  actually posted anything yet.

As for my misadventures in parenting… the good news is that my daughter hasn’t started a blog . Yet. The bad news… she’s probably writing a book. God knows, everyone else is.

Ok, here goes..quick update.

I recently  had my first short story ,’Goddess‘ published, over at Crossed Genres. Go read, tell me what you think.

I have a bunch of single page comics out in forthcoming editions of the Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul series. More on that soon.

My graphic story ‘The Flower‘  was published in Kindle magazine’s July supplement.

My graphic story ‘Death in Paradise’ is part of Comix India’s second anthology – ‘Girl Power.’ Yes, of course you must rush over and book a copy. No, two.

My comic strip ‘Life in Shorts‘ appears every now and then in ‘Zeitgeist’, the Saturday supplement of the New Indian  Express. I’ll upload pix here soon.

More likely, I will draw a comic about my misadventures with WordPress.


About Lavanya

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3 Responses to Yoohoo

  1. Sheela says:

    Lavanya, when I can drag my jaw up from the floor I’ll be able to beam and claim, “I know her! (sort of)” 🙂 I am still recovering from the details your built into CROCUS 2010 poster! Keep spreading the joy.

  2. Swati says:

    Goddess. I like it.

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