Meet Tara

Woohoo! My first book as an illustrator!

Here are some more images…

The paws you see in the background of that last pic are from another project I hope to write more about soon.

Now rush out, y’all, and get your copies of ‘Tara Tambe’. You know you want to.



About Lavanya

A work in progress
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8 Responses to Meet Tara

  1. Vijay rajan says:

    Hello there,

    I saw your comic on the DNA newspaper. Finally, a comic writer with a good sense of humour in India. I’ll be frank. Most comics, especially that lost-joke-of-of a comic on times are so *fill your choice of swear word* that it makes me sad that as a nation full of creative artists, we can’t come up with something good to follow in the legacy of RK Laxman.
    You have returned hope to me!

    With thanks for putting a smile on my face,

  2. Orange Jammies says:

    L! I am so so soooooo excited for you! Congratulations–your talent deserves widespread recognition. And remember, I booked you before you were famous. 😛

  3. Ramya says:

    Wow. Very nice illustrations!

  4. Subha says:

    Hey very nice illustrations Lavanya…I just tumbled upon your blog from Saffron tree….

    Way too good and so nice comics you create!!! Great…

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