The End of the World is here

..well, one version of it, anyway.

My comic ‘Every Kalyug has a silver lining‘ features in the December issue of Kindle magazine.

Living as we are in the shadow of what we think the Mayans said about the world ending (2012!!!buwuhahahahahaha!!!) this issue is themed ‘All that lasts’, and examines all kinds of notions about the apocalypse. Here’s mine…. click on the image to read a hi-res version.

This was one of five comics that made it into Kindle this month.. you can read all of them here.


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2 Responses to The End of the World is here

  1. Vijay Rajan says:

    You crack me up! End of world indeed. :). Thought I’d send you this. Maybe you would do a comic on this.
    Despair in a departure lounge

    The chain of head moves along
    a hypnotic pace set by the common want,
    Shifting glances move and are quickly removed,
    the march of yawns and sigh soon follow.
    The sober man wears a weak smile,
    The lady on the corner tries to be occupied,
    A subtle grin, wry and meaningful does escape
    my lips, an homage we all must pay.
    The chain of head moves along
    and more get added to the end,
    The march continues unabated, slow
    the grin on the lips, weary it grows.
    Pull along people, don’t get yourself held,
    at the next crossing, you have a new chain to build.

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