Asleep? Who me?

I know, I know, I have been the Rip van Winkle of the blogosphere. I cringe, I grovel.  I…blame my tools, of course.

I didn’t spend all this time sleeping, though. Some of the time NOT spent snoring and drooling all over my drawing board was invested thusly….

Drawing  ‘A Special Stew‘, a retelling of the story of the fox and the crane, for Karadi Tales.

Writing and drawing ‘What do you see, Anu?” for Pratham Books. It’s a simple poem about a little girl and the things she sees around her. The illustrations are done in paper collage.

I hope to post images from these books soon.

I also submitted a couple of drawings to Pratham’s call for illustrators for a book on the Internet. Didn’t make the cut, but greatly enjoyed making this sample. (Yup, paper collage again.)

The story involves a small female character  who explains the Internet to a bunch of kids.  Rather than drawing her as a little girl, I thought it would be cute if she were the cursor arrow instead. What do you think of her?

And of course there are the other stories, the weird stuff and the more wholesome picture books, that I periodically write and send out into the Universe. Let’s see where those birdies land.

Wokay, back to sleep… um, work. I meant work.


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