Illo Friday – KING


Image  from ‘The Lion’s Feast’,  a book I wrote and illustrated. Forthcoming from Karadi Tales.

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Lines and Boxes

Lines_and_Boxes_double LavanyaKarthikAn experiment in wordless comics.

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Maya Bizarre #82 Bad kitty! Bad!

Maya Bizarre #82  Bad kitty! Bad!

If you’ve been following the IPL, or rather, the media caterwauling over it, you couldn’t have missed the sad, sorry saga of SRK and his banishment from Wankhede for the hissy fit he had there last year. And of course he probably thought all would be forgiven and forgotten. Yes, well – ha!

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Blunder Years : Twitter twit

Blunder Years : Twitter twit

Blunder Years, in the May issue of Youth Inc.

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Maya Bizarre #81.. Ooh!


Spent the last week in glorious Madhya Pradesh, shooting tigers .. with a camera, that is.  There is no such thing as seeing too many tigers. And there is nothing to beat the feeling of watching a tigress saunter across the road, fifteen feet from your ramshackle Maruti Gypsy, while you quiver in silent, disbelieving joy, tear up in the most embarrassing way and utterly forget how to use that darned camera.



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Woohoo at Ultraviolet

This comic strip I drew a while ago, called ‘Woohoo, Jazz Hands Everyone!‘ was featured over at Ultraviolet‘s website today. 


It’s part of the strip Maya Bizarre that I post here and here, and that’s printed every Sunday in DNA, Bangalore.

UV is a terrific website focusing on feminist issues in India that I’ve been following for years. It’s also a website I’ve wished to contribute to for all of those years, so this is a tremendous honour. The kind that calls for a series of Julie Andrews-style high kicks all through the house.

Yes, jazz hands too.




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